No matter what challenges the world faces, one thing doesn’t change: the need to stay connected with your customers. Here are three steps your local teams can take immediately—either with or without the support of an outsourced marketing agency—to help your organization stay top of mind with clients and prospects.

 1. Execute a social selling strategy

Conduct an “authorized takeover” of the social media profiles of key executives within your company. An opportunity to approach prospects and aid in building your database. Log in as those executives on LinkedIn and leverage their established connections to ignite future conversations with your audience. Invite your prospects to connect via LinkedIn, using a social tone without a sales focus.
Schedule posts on executives’ social profiles to nurture and attract contacts to a virtual meeting or call. Ensure that content shared with new audiences is not only relevant to your branding but also sensitive to the current worldwide situation. Ultimately this is a chance to get closer to your online prospects.


 2. Create and share quality content on your relevant channels

B2B buying is not what it used to be, and it’s critical to know how your prospects buy. Consider: 


  • 59% of B2B buyers prefer not to be contacted by a salesperson until they are ready to buy.
  • Each enterprise purchases its influence by an average of 12 people.


If your marketing team has extra time on their hands due to economic slowdown, use the time to develop content relevant to those decision-makers. If not, consider outsourcing to an enterprise marketing agency. Thanks to the database you’ve created as well as your online reach, you have the opportunity to talk one-on-one with the new prospects your team has generated.

Your content creates thought leadership for your business and is an excellent way to build your brand. As an outsourced marketing provider, the most consumed types of content we see are:

  • Videos
  • Success cases
  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • White papers
  • Ebooks
  • Newsletters 
  • Sales sheets

It may sound overwhelming, but in most cases, one single content item can be repurposed into different formats and adapted to multiple outlets. For example, you can use an Ebook or a book and extracted it into a blog post, an infographic, and success cases, as well as promoted in newsletters. 

Podcast: How to Market Your Business in the Changing IT Channel

A multi-touch strategy implies developing a value proposition with a relevant message on the right channels, delivered at the right time in a consumption format. Creating content in multiple formats will strengthen your organization’s multi-touch strategy.

 3. Stay top of mind with strategic digital positioning


Difficult times are no time to stop marketing; if anything, you should double down. Maintain a strong presence and stay top of mind with these strategic digital tactics:


  • SEM: Employ search engine marketing to put your brand your first in the search results of users who are interested in products and services like yours. Use different keywords to understand what state of the funnel the end-user resides in and maintain a presence when they ultimately seek a solution. 
  • SEO: In our experience, websites are a weakness for most companies. Now is an excellent time to work on enhancing and optimizing your website so your end-users can find you. Search engine optimization should be a priority right now; optimize your website content with the keywords where you best compete to generate organic traffic from Google.
  • Web syndication: Companies that have a distribution channel should make sure content is optimized and shared within an iFrame that can be view within all partner sites at a regional level. 
  • Paid media: Your prospects may be working from home right now, but they’re still consuming content—probably more than ever because they’re spending more time online. Your paid media, including programmatic, retargeting, social ads, and premium buys, can all be adjusted to house a relevant message for the current situation and the solutions you’re focused in.


Whether you rely on in-house resources or turn to an outsourced marketing agency to execute these tactics, your strategy will pay off in renewed bonds with customers—and new prospects for your business.  

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